Conscious Coach offers Private or Group Yoga Classes, personalised Lifestyle & Exercise Coaching that focus on improving clients’s life holistically, home cooking classes and handmade organic body products.
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Finding Your Internal Balance

Conscious Coach is brought to you by Nala, offering holistic lifestyle & exercise coaching, yoga classes and specialised handmade organic body products.


Nala’s approach to life and her drive towards finding her own internal balance, has allowed her to tailor her training and coaching programs towards helping you function in a way that promotes emotional and physical wellness throughout your entire life, including your mind, body and spirit.


Learn more about Nala’s story.

I am passionate about helping people to thrive not survive. I have learnt that no two individuals are the same, so when working with clients, every case is completely tailored and personalised according to individual needs, whether it be nutrition and exercise or stress reduction, posture correcting and increased vitality



Holistic Lifestyle Coaching adresses your health needs in their entirety. Focusing on 6 key areas breathing, thought, hydration, nutrition, movement and sleep. Learn more.


Nala’s personalised individual or group yoga sessions will target both body and mind. With breathing techniques, gentle postures and movements you will develop or deepen your yoga practice. Learn more.


Our handmade organic zinc will complement your adventurous lifestyle as well as our environment. Use our all natural, organic & Australian made products for an Eco-friendly and chemical-free lifestyle. Learn more.

Let’s Begin.

Making the choice to believe that you can find a better you is the first step. So, now it’s time to work together to find out what’s holding you back. Nala’s holistic lifestyle coaching will motivate you, educate you and support you to make everlasting lifestyle changes to improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

It’s time to start your journey…

Nala is a true inspiration; how she lives each second of every day is a reminder to all how precious life really is. I can not speak enough good of Nala, anyone who has the opportunity to meet this larger than life bright shining soul I know their life will be changed for the highest good almost immediately!”

Katie-Lee Swan

Staying in touch


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