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Working With Me



Holistic Lifestyle Coaching offers a unique 1 on 1 coaching that addresses your health needs in their entirety.


The coaching methods revolve around 6 key areas of health thoughts, breathing, hydration, nutrition, movement and circadian rhythm.


All sessions are conducted outdoors or at your home and commence with a full assessment so that we can initiate your program at the right level and progress at a rate that is appropriate to your current health and fitness status.


Holistic Exercise Coaching:


I will design an exercise program specifically for you, tailored to your individual needs. The exercise program will enable you to restore and build optimal health and vitality.


Using the C.H.E.K Institute’s unique system of assessing physiological load, I can determine the amount of physical and emotional stress placed upon your body.
Using bio-mechanical assessment tools, I will design a result-producing program that enhances your overall well-being.


“I am passionate about helping people to thrive not survive. I have learnt that no two individuals are the same, so when working with clients, every case is completely tailored and personalised according to individual needs, whether it be nutrition and exercise or stress reduction, posture correcting and increased vitality.” Nala


Personal instruction is the ideal setting to develop or deepen your yoga practice, drawing from my holistic lifestyle & exercise coaching.


Hatha yoga, fitness and meditation, is an individualised approach allows us to work together to create a customised program, tailored to your unique needs and goals. Sessions include calming breath exercises, meditation, hands on adjustments and aromatherapy in the privacy of your own home/office.
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  • 60 minute session… $90
  • 90 minute session… $120
  • 5 session pack (10% discount)*
  • 10 session pack (15% discount)**


OFFICE/Group Rates

  • Available upon request


* expires 3 months from purchase.  /  ** expires 6 months from purchase.


Have you always wanted to cook like a pro?


Are there particular dishes you’d like to learn to master?


Or do you want to cook more delicious nutrient-rich food for your family?


I bring 10 years’ experience in commercial kitchens and the experience of my own home baked business supplying 3 cafes in the southwest of WA.


I grew up in regional Thailand and Western Australia, so I bring a blend of Eastern influence and modern Western cuisine, I am also a lover of home baked goods, healthy alternative savoury dishes and delicious cookies.


My approach is hands on, we can dedicate a couple hours of the day or a whole day, up  to you… from being guided down the supermarket aisle to reading food labels, or going through your pantry at home, in the comfort of your own kitchen, I can guide you through what you want and what you need.


“I am a qualified chef and have been in love with food for as long as I can remember, but my passion lies in home cooked meals. I would like to use my commercial experience to teach people how to cook with love for themselves and their loved ones.” Nala.


Please call me to discuss further.