Conscious Coach | COOKING & NUTRITION
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Have you always wanted to cook like a pro?

Are there particular dishes you’d like to learn to master?

Or do you want to cook more delicious nutrient-rich food for your family?

I bring 10 years’ experience in commercial kitchens and the experience of my own home baked business supplying cafes in the southwest of WA.

I grew up in regional Thailand and Western Australia, so I bring a blend of Eastern influence and modern Western cuisine, I am also a lover of home baked goods, healthy alternative savoury dishes and delicious cookies.

My approach is hands on, we can dedicate a couple hours of the day or a whole day, up  to you… from being guided down the supermarket aisle to reading food labels, or going through your pantry at home, in the comfort of your own kitchen, I can guide you through what you want and what you need.

“I am a qualified chef and have been in love with food for as long as I can remember, but my passion lies in home cooked meals. I would like to use my commercial experience to teach people how to cook with love for themselves and their loved ones.” Nala.

Please call me to discuss further.